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This is a list of frequently-asked questions about PIXIL PDA, OE, Thin Client and SDK. It is intended as a first resource for users, developers, and the interested reader. If you have questions that aren't satisfied here, please contact us.

  1. What iPaq™ models will PIXIL PDA run on?

    At the present time PIXIL PDA will run on the iPaq™ Color 3600 series hand held. Although PIXIL can be made to run on the 3100 series, we aren't distributing a set of 3100 binaries at this time. The 3800 series has not been tested with PIXIL PDA. Update: Our developers are close to finishing a distribution that will run on the 3100 series. Watch for the release coming soon.

  2. How do I install PIXIL on my iPaq™?

    Detailed instructions are included in the download. If you have further questions, please let us know.

  3. How do I install PIXIL on my iPaq™ that's running Familiar?

    At the present moment, you can't. Our bootldr needs to be installed and all of the installation instructions after bootldr is installed must still be followed. In the future we hope to upgrade to the newest bootldr and the latest kernel. When we do that the only thing that will need to happen is run load root and flash the pixil.root image onto the iPaq™. We have recently tested on H3700 iPaq™ with the new bootldr but it is not yet ready for distribution.

  4. How do I remove PIXIL and restore Windows® CE™?

    If you followed the procedure to save the original flash ROM shipped with your iPaq™, you can restore Windows® CE™. We've posted the instructions here. (Note: These instructions are based on the WinCE restoration document at handhelds.org, but are not the same. Please be sure to use our instructions to ensure a successful restoration.)

  5. Can I install PIXIL on my Cassiopeia™ be300?

    Sorry, but PIXIL won't run on the Cassiopeia™, nor do we have plans to port PIXIL to that device.

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